CRTC collecting comments on RT’s presence on Canadian airwaves

The move came after a motion was passed in the House of Commons


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is collecting comments on the presence of RT in Canada.

RT is an English-language news channel financed by Russia. The CRTC made the move after receiving a request from the Governor in Council requesting the CRTC to determine if RT should remain an option in Canada.

A report is due on March 17th at the latest. Interveners have until March 8th to provide comments.

The move comes after various Canadian broadcasters, including Bell, Roku, and Rogers removed RT from their channel lineups. The CRTC authorized RT for distribution in 2009.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted on February 28th the government was going to ask the CRTC to review the presence of RT on Canadian networks. The House of Commons passed a motion to issue the order on the same day.

“The Government of Canada has concerns as to whether programs broadcast by [RT] would violate regulations made by the Commission under the Act, if those programs had been broadcast by a licensed Canadian programming undertaking,” the CRTC’s states in its call for comments.

Source: CRTC