Google wants you to ‘donate’ your text messages to improve its AI

The donation request is only appearing for very few users, and isn't mandatory

In a bid to bolster its auto-categorization AI, Google is asking select Google Messages users to “donate” their messages to the company, as first reported by Android Police.

Google Messages categorizes your messages in ‘Personal,’ ‘Business’ and ‘All’ sections, after analyzing who it’s from and its content. And while the feature already does a decent enough job, the tech giant wants to gather more data to polish its AI.

If you’re one of the selected users who has been asked to “donate” their messages, you’ll see a prompt on the top bar when you open the app.

It’s worth noting that you can deny the donation request if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your personal text messages. If you’re okay with sharing the messages and want to help Google out, you have to option to alter the message content and remove any sensitive information before sending it over. Further, your identity remains private and any phone numbers, dates, and links in messages are automatically blanked by Google, in addition to any media content.

The donation request is only appearing for a few years users and isn’t mandatory.

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Source: AndroidPolice


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