Elden Ring competition in U.K. grants you the official title of Elden Lord

You can be granted the title of Elden Lord or Elden Lady

This competition isn’t available for Canadians, but it’s interesting, nonetheless. Elden Ring’s publisher Bandai Namco is hosting a contest in Scotland where 100 winners will be rewarded with titles and a small patch of land.

Winners will get the title Elden Lord or Elden Lady, which isn’t the same as an official hereditary title but can be used on legal documents. Now, the land for these Elden Lords and Ladies will be a piece of land at the Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Glencoe in Scotland. Winners will be able to walk on their land, but that’s practically it.

If you’re a reader in the U.K. or Ireland, to enter the contest, you need to email eldenlord@bandainamcoent.eu and explain why you’re deserving of being part of the Elden Royalty. Additionally, the competition is available until March 11th.

Now for our Canadian readers, Elden Ring releases on February 25th and is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. You can expect our full review and more in the coming days.

Source: VGC