Eastlink nearing completion on $20 million core network facility

Construction began three years ago

Technology and communications company Eastlink is nearing the completion of an infrastructure upgrade that will help with future growth and network resiliency.

Based in Halifax, the facility features powerful backup systems, and is the “most advanced energy-efficient facility the company has ever built.”

“We built this facility not only to address growth in our national customer base and the current need for ever-increasing capacity but also in anticipation of future growth,”  Jeff Gillham, the CEO of Eastlink, said in a statement.

The project began three years ago and supports the growth of the internet, data, and video streaming platforms for residents and businesses. The company has invested $20 million in the project.

“Over the past several years, particularly during the pandemic, internet usage has grown exponentially,” Steve Irvine, VP of engineering and Eastlink, said. “Our internet offering has been strong and we want to keep it that way through investments that will ensure the long-term reliability of our network.”

The project is part of Eastlink’s $880 million investment in maintaining and upgrading networks and services over the past five years in Canada.

Image credit: Eastlink

Source: Eastlink