Chatr offering 2GB of bonus data on $35/mo+ plans for six months

The deal applies to new activations and will only be available until February 21st

Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr Mobile is running a flash sale until February 21st that grants customers 2GB of bonus data for six months.

The offer is available to new activations of ‘Talk, Text & Data’ plans priced $35/mo and up. Chatr notes that the data bonus will expire if the account becomes inactive or if the plan is changed before the end of the six-month period.

Chatr’s eligible plans are as follows (not including the 2GB bonus data):

  • $70/mo 20GB, unlimited Canada-U.S. talk
  • $60/mo 15GB, unlimited Canada-U.S. talk
  • $50/mo 10GB, unlimited Canada-U.S. talk
  • $40/mo 4.5GB, unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $35/mo 2GB, unlimited Canada-wide talk

All Chatr plans also include call display, call forwarding, group calling, and unlimited text to Canada, the U.S., and internationally.

Moreover, customers who sign up for Chatr’s ‘auto-pay’ program will get a 500MB data bonus applied to their plan.

You can learn more about the offer here.