YouTuber makes Grand Theft Auto V playable on original Game Boy

While undeniably limited, it's nonetheless impressive that it works at all

Game Boy GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is renowned for having a sprawling Los Angeles-inspired sandbox to play around in, so naturally, someone wanted to try to squeeze all of that onto a Game Boy.

Enter Sebastian Staacks, who runs a YouTube channel called “there oughta be.” In this case, he figured: “there oughta be GTA [V] for the Game Boy.”

And sure enough, he managed to pull it off. As Staacks explains in a YouTube video, he built a custom Game Boy cartridge using a wireless ESP8266 microchip and custom PCB. This gave the Game Boy streaming functionality and, through that, made GTA V playable on the system.

Of course, “playable” is a bit debatable here as the game is extremely difficult to make out on the Game Boy’s all-green, low-quality screen. The limited buttons certainly don’t help, either. Still, it’s impressive to see it even running at all on the retro handheld.

What’s more, Staacks has made the project open-source and posted instructions explaining his work so others can try a hand at it. You can read more on that here.

Image credit: Sebastian Staacks