Twitter testing video reaction feature with select iOS users

It's unclear if testing will open to Android users

Twitter logo on iPhone

Twitter is testing a new way for users to share their thoughts on the app.

The social media company has announced it’s testing a “quote tweet with reaction feature” with some iOS users.

This allows users to retweet with a video reaction rather than text. Users simply have to tap the retweet icon to reveal the new feature. A photo or video can be added and will appear behind the tweet when published.

The company is taking cues from TikTok and Instagram, as both apps have similar tools for recording reactions. This seems to be the new norm now, as TikTok also recently announced it was testing a new repost feature, which shares similarities to Twitter’s retweet feature.

The announcement came through a series of tweets on the company’s support account, leading some to question why this was only available on iOS. One user felt the iOS app was being changed to “a completely separate thing.”

It’s not clear if testing will open to Android users.

Source: Twitter