OnePlus officially reveals the OnePlus 10 Pro

The device is launching in China soon and the rest of the world later this year

OnePlus has shown off the design of its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The device looks sleek with a matte or possibly even sandstone-like finish. That said, it’s difficult to tell, and OnePlus hasn’t revealed any additional details about the device’s build yet.

OnePlus seems to be following a similar strategy to Google, which revealed details about its Pixel 6 series for months leading up to its release to build hype for the phone. Now that OnePlus is following a similar path, we might start seeing longer pre-release news cycles for devices across the industry.

Moving back to the OnePlus 10 Pro, you’ll notice that it looks to be large like last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro and that it sports three rear cameras and a large flash. The company is also still working with Hasselblad and ‘P2D 5Ot’ is written on its flash. Input Mag editor Ray Wong says that OnePlus told him the ‘P’ stands for Phone. The ‘2D’ stands for second-gen Hasselblad camera on mobile and the ’50T’ denotes that the three cameras are 50-megapixels.

This new camera setup is housed in a ceramic bump on the OnePlus 10 Pro’s rear that looks like a wider version of a Samsung Galaxy S21 series device. OnePlus says that the ceramic bump is 13x stronger than glass, so hopefully, this hints that the 10 Pro is the most durable phone from the company yet.

OnePlus has also shared the phone in ‘Emerald Forest’ (green) and ‘Volcanic Ash’ (black) colorways. These colours are reminiscent of the hues OnePlus has been using since the 8T, but it appears there is no silver option this year.

Beyond that, all we can gain from the images is that the phone uses USB-C to charge and still has the classic OnePlus alert slider on the side to quickly silence the device.

OnePlus plans to launch the OnePlus 10 in China first with the device coming to other regions at a later date. This is a new release strategy for OnePlus, but since it works so closely with Oppo now, it makes sense for the company to start favouring its home country.

While the OnePlus 10 looks like a promising smartphone, if OnePlus can’t iron out its device updates issues, the best hardware in the world won’t be able to save the brand.

Via: Raymond Wong