Cineplex shares update on showtimes for several provinces amid new restrictions

Depending on where you live, Cineplex showtimes won't be impacted until Sunday or later

Cineplex Cinemas

On the heels of releasing an updated plan for theatres in Ontario amid the surging Omicron COVID variant, Cineplex shared an update for the rest of Canada on its Twitter page.

Cineplex started by thanking guests for being patient while its teams work to adjust as restrictions change from province to province. Additionally, the company noted that it temporarily hid some showtimes from its website while assessing the new government mandates — ticketholders who can no longer find their showtime don’t need to worry as the screening is still happening.

Next, Cineplex broke down what’s happening in different provinces:

B.C., Manitoba and Newfoundland

Cineplex says it’s “reviewing what was just announced in these provinces and will update Cineplex.com shortly.” The company urged guests to check their local theatre listings for updates.

“While our goal is to honour all tickets, any guests who are impacted by these government mandates will be emailed directly by our Guest Services team,” Cineplex said.

Finally, the theatre company noted that showtimes won’t be impacted before Sunday in Newfoundland, Monday in B.C. and Tuesday in Manitoba.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

Cineplex says it’s adding showtimes back to its website for these provinces. Further, guests impacted by the government restrictions have been contacted.

Finally, guests that have a ticket and have not received an email are “good to go.”


For Ontario, Cineplex says it won’t be able to serve food or drinks starting Sunday. Additionally, locations in Ottawa will be subject to physical distancing requirements, which may affect a limited number of showtimes starting Sunday. Cineplex will contact impacted guests via email over the weekend.

You can learn more about what Cineplex is doing in Ontario here.


Cineplex says a limited number of showtimes on Monday and Tuesday may be impacted, but all tickets for the weekend are valid. As of 5pm ET on Monday, December 20th all theatres will be closed in the province.

You can check out Cineplex’s full statement here. It may also be a good idea to follow the Cineplex Twitter account to keep up with these updates as they arrive.

Update 12/20/2021 3:16pm ET: More information regarding Quebec theatre closures has been added to the story.

Source: Cineplex