Apple Music on Mac to get smoother in future update

Apple is rebuilding the app, but it will feature the same UI

Ever since Apple Music usurped the iTunes app on macOS, it’s still used the legacy code and web asset base that build the now retro music app. This has led to the app looking nicer than it functions, but it appears Apple has a plan to solve this issue.

A recent leak uncovered by 9to5Mac discovered that in the code for the recent macOS 12.2 beta, it looks like Apple is recreating the desktop version of Apple Music using AppKit, the app-building framework the company uses for many of its other Mac apps. 9to5Mac has also discovered that the company is using JET to help turn the web content into a native app.

The update shouldn’t change how Apple Music looks in a drastic way, but rather how quickly it functions. This means that search results should appear more quickly and scrolling should be smoother.

The publication also notes that Apple recently retooled the Apple TV Mac app with JET and AppKit in macOS 12.1.

Source: 9to5Mac