Microsoft’s Xbox Fridge is now available to pre-order in Canada [Out of stock]

The Mini Fridge costs $149

Xbox Mini Fridge

Update 12/15/2021 9:20am ET: The Mini Fridge is once again showing up as out of stock.

Update 12/15/2021 9:18am ET: Pre-orders are showing up as in stock again.

Update 12/15/2021 9:08am ET: It appears that the Xbox Series X ‘Mini Fridge’ has already sold out. Microsoft’s website already lists the fridge as out of stock just minutes after pre-orders opened.

However, people are still sharing on social media that they were able to order one.

Following the fridge’s release in the United States last month, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X ‘Mini Fridge’ is now available for pre-order in the Canadian Microsoft Store starting at 9am ET/6am PT on December 15th.

If U.S. pre-orders for the amusing joke that Microsoft has thankfully taken far too are any indication, the Series X Mini Fridge will likely sell out in a matter of minutes. With this in mind, if you’re interested in buying the Mini Fridge, make sure you act fast.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge costs $149 and is available for pre-order now in the Xbox Gear Store.

Image credit: Xbox