‘Amazon Counter’ pickup points launch in Canada

Amazon Counter

If for some reason you can’t have your Amazon packages delivered to your door, Canada Post locations, or the concierge at your condo, then Amazon Canada has now made it possible to pick up your goods at one of its ‘Amazon Hub’ locations.

The massive online retailer has announced the launch of ‘Amazon Counter’ in Canada, which it describes as “a new network of staffed pickup points that gives customers the option to pick up their Amazon packages in-store at convenient locations whether close to their home, on their daily commute, or while travelling.”

The company notes that there are “hundreds of Counter locations across Canada with plans to expand to hundreds more next year.” In addition, Prime Members can get two-Day and one-Day shipping at no additional cost with Amazon Counter.

“The network is also part of our ongoing commitment to supporting businesses across Canada by offering another way to bring in new customers and offer something new to their existing customers,” said Mike Strauch, country manager for Amazon Canada.

To access a store location, Locker, or a secure self-service kiosk, customers can select their preferred pickup location using a postal code. When their package is ready for pick-up, an email will be sent with a barcode, six-digit code and you’ll have three days to pick up the package from a locker, or seven days to collect from an Amazon Counter location.

Image credit: Amazon 

Source: Amazon Canada