Two month trial of Peloton’s digital membership is free until November 30, 2021

The app is available on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku and more

Peloton is offering access to its premium suite of Peloton App features for free starting now and running until the end of the year. This means you can gain access to on-demand cycling, running, outdoor training, yoga classes, and more.

The promotion, which sees users gain unlimited access to all benefits the Peloton App provides across a two-month period, is active now and is available until November 30th, 2021. A monthly subscription to the app costs $16.99, offering a total savings of $33.98 by the time the clock strikes midnight on the new year.

It should be noted that access to Peloton fitness equipment is not required to use the app. Depending on the on-demand classes the user wishes to participate in, standard fitness equipment can be used. Peloton even offers some classes that require no equipment altogether.

At-home fitness classes and workout routines have become all the more common throughout the pandemic. Peloton has been one of the leaders in enabling people to be able to stay fit throughout the pandemic.

Having access to the app, especially in the colder months, is a perfect chance to try Peloton’s services for the first time if you’re new to the app. Alternatively, you also save a bit of money during the holidays. This in and of itself is a bonus.

Peloton recently announced plans to launch an in-app game called Lanebreak. The game is described be the company as a pseudo rhythm title and has players pedalling at different speeds with resistance along a brightly lit path.

Currently, the Peloton App is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and other platforms.

Source: RedFlagDeals