Google explains why its fingerprint scanner is a bit slower than other phones’

Google says it uses "enhanced security algorithms," which is why its sensor can be a bit slower

Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro sport an in-display fingerprint scanner, which is a first for Google’s Pixel lineup.

However, some users have noted that this sensor is slow in comparison to other phones. Google has finally responded on Twitter to these complaints.

Google says it uses “enhanced security algorithms,” which can “take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor.” Beyond that, Google didn’t really offer much help regarding making the sensor any quicker.

Other users are blaming the phone’s hardware. Instead of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner like Samsung phones, the Pixel 6 uses an optical scanner, which might be why the sensor is slower. But OnePlus also uses an optical scanner, so other users are blaming Google’s software.

Personally, I don’t find the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner any slower or more finicky than any other smartphone, at least not by a noticeable margin. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but that’s not unusual and happens more with other handsets.

Via: Engadget