Crave launches $9.99 mobile-only plan that includes most content

If you only watch Crave content on your phone or laptop, this might be a good option for you

Crave Mobile

Bell has launched a new, lower-cost tier for Crave that is exclusively available for mobile devices.

Appropriately titled Crave Mobile, this plan costs $9.99 and features all of the content offered in Crave’s base tier and HBO + Movies tier. Starz content remains a separate $5.99 add-on. This means that Crave Mobile includes Crave originals like Letterkenny, standard Crave titles like Star Trek: Picard and Warner Bros./HBO titles like Succession, EuphoriaZack Snyder’s Justice League and Tenet. On the other hand, Crave’s ‘Basic’ tier, which included a limited library of older HBO titles, Showtime and Crave Originals, is gone.

Meanwhile, Crave has renamed Crave + Movies + HBO to ‘Crave Total,’ although the price and its exact catalogue and features remain the same. That plan is priced at $19.99/month, making Crave Mobile a more affordable way of accessing all of that content.

The trade-off is that only a single device is supported and streaming functionality is locked to the Crave mobile app or a web browser. Casting is not available, nor is the ability to download content. Finally, the Crave website notes that streaming resolution with Crave Mobile is “good,” while Crave Total resolution is “best.”

When asked what, specifically, is quantified by “good” resolution, a Bell spokesperson provided the following statement:

Crave Mobile video quality defined as “good” ranges from as low as SD to a maximum of 720P, depending on the source material, which exceeds some of the other streaming services in market such as Netflix which caps their Base package quality at SD.

For now, the only way to sign up for Crave Mobile is through Crave.ca, although Bell says it will also be offered in the future through “participating wireless carriers.” You can also sign up for a 12-month membership for $99.90.

In other Crave news, Bell just revealed what’s coming to the service in November — read more on that here.

Update 26/10/2021 4:56pm ET: Updated with comment from Bell regarding Crave Mobile streaming quality.

Source: Bell