Microsoft is bringing Series X/S controller features to older iterations

The update will be available to all Xbox users in the coming months

new Xbox One controllers

Xbox Series X/S controllers have a slew of additional features over their predecessors, including Bluetooth Low Energy support and Dynamic Latency Input(DLI). But it looks like Microsoft is aiming to level the playing field.

Microsoft has begun testing a new firmware update that will bring the above-mentioned exclusive Series X/S controller features to the old-gen controllers, including Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth Support, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers.

Additionally, the update will also bring cross-device Bluetooth connectivity to the old controllers, which enables a stronger connection to PCs, iOS, and Android devices that support it. Further, it also enables the controller to remember Bluetooth devices and Xbox consoles, allowing users to switch between them by double-tapping the sync button.

Microsoft is also introducing DLI, which decreases input latency on controllers connected to Xbox Series X / S consoles for a more responsive gaming experience. With the inclusion of DLI, any previous Xbox One controller will have lower latency when used with an Xbox Series S or X console. However, it’s worth noting that this won’t result in lower input lag when used with old-gen Xbox consoles.

“We believe it’s important to maintain backward compatibility with Xbox accessories people already have in their collection and to ensure we deliver the best gaming experience no matter how you choose to play,” reads Xbox’s blog post about the update.

The firmware update is already available to “Alpha Skip-Ahead” and “Alpha users,” and it will be accessible to all Xbox users in the coming months.