You can now play games on Zoom mid-meeting

A total of 56 apps, games and plugins are available from the in-app 'Discover' section


Zoom, an app that maybe a handful of people knew about before this deadly pandemic paused our lives, has now become a staple between video conferencing platforms, and it looks like Zoom is just beginning to ramp things up.

The company announced that it is making Zoom Apps widely available starting today, July 21st.

Zoom is adding third-party integration to the platform, allowing you to use applications like Kahoot!, Asana and Dropbox Spaces while on a Zoom call.

At the time of writing this, Zoom App’s discover section has 56 different apps, including games like Heads Up, Ask Away, LGN Poker and many more!

To access the new features, update your Zoom app, and you’ll see a new ‘Apps’ tab next to your contacts. Clicking on it will take you to the ‘Discover’ section, allowing you to browse through all the third-party apps and plugins available. Additionally, you can also go to the Zoom Marketplace to see what apps are available to download.

Enabling third-party integrations seems to be Zoom’s way to go from a single-use video conferencing app to a full-fledged social platform.

Source: Zoom