Xbox Family Settings app gets new kids spending controls

Parents now have greater control over how much their kids can spend on Xbox

Xbox Family Settings app

Xbox has added several features to its Family Settings app to give parents greater control over their kids’ in-game spending habits.

Firstly, parents can set a limit on how much kids can spend on any kind of purchase, be it a full game, add-on or microtransaction. At any point, the app will also now let parents see how their kids’ account balance and spending history. Xbox says it received feedback from some families about wanting to add a weekly “allowance” to kids, so these features are also intended to help adults do that.

Additionally, an ‘Ask to Buy’ option can be turned on to allow parents to receive notifications when children are attempting to purchase something without sufficient funds. You’ll then be able to purchase it on their behalf (provided that it’s a game or app), add funds for your kid to make the purchase or deny it outright.

The Xbox Family Settings app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Source: Xbox