Bell CEO uncertain whether employees will return to offices in September

Mirko Bibic said he hoped to start returning employees to the office by Labour Day

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), which heads Bell’s telecommunications services, Bell Media and more, remains uncertain whether it’ll bring employees back to the office in the fall.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg Television (via Bloomberg), BCE CEO Mirko Bibic explained that plans to bring employees back by Labour Day may not happen.

“I had hoped that by Labor Day we could start bringing some people back. I’m not sure now, so we’ll always adjust based on guidelines and advice from public health officials,” Bibic said.

Bibic also said that over 80 percent of BCE’s staff are working from home. That setup is expected to continue for months as a third wave of COVID-19 rips through several provinces. Despite the difficulties, Bibic told BNN Bloomberg that BCE was in a “better position than [it was] a year ago.”

Bell reported its first-quarter 2021 earnings on April 29th, noting a 2.2 percent increase in total mobile phone customers. Bell Media also added 139,000 new subscribers to its Crave service in Q1, bringing the total to over 2.9 million.

Source: BNN Bloomberg Via: Bloomberg