Uber Canada launches new ‘Pick Up and Go’ feature and more

The company is also gearing up to launch 'Uber Reserve' and 'Uber Rent' in the summer

Uber Canada is rolling out a slew of new features that are now available and has also revealed several upcoming features.

The company is launching a new ‘Pick Up and Go’ feature that lets users pick up Eats orders during their Uber ride.

Uber notes that users just have to click on the Eats icon while tracking their ride, see available restaurants near their destination and place an order from their Rides app. You can then place an order to pick up and add a stop within the rides app while en route.

It’s also rolling out personalized prompts that will anticipate a user’s needs while on an Uber ride and suggest orders to be placed to meet them at their destination.

“If you’re taking a morning ride from 7-11 AM, you may get a prompt to get your coffee fix from Starbucks (select markets). If you’re taking an evening ride from 5-9 PM, you may get a prompt to get dinner dropped to your destination,” Uber notes.

Additionally, Uber is now allowing users to pre-order from merchants even when they are closed so that users can be at the front of the line once merchants open.

Along with these new features that are now available, Uber is gearing up to release additional ones over the next few months.

The company plans to launch ‘Uber Reserve’ by June, which will allow users to plan and confirm their trip up to 30 days in advance and request a favourite driver. Uber notes that customers will be covered with its on-time guarantee.

Next, Uber is planning to launch ‘Uber Rent’ by July. The new feature will allow users to book vehicle rentals with select car rental companies within the Uber app. The company says the feature will aim to make car rental booking even more convenient.

It’s worth noting that Uber says the rollout of these features will coincide with recovery in Canada and when it’s safer to travel.