This Twitter account is helping Canadians book COVID-19 vaccination appointments

The account tweets information about open locations and eligibility


A team of four Canadian volunteers has launched a Twitter account to help eligible people find appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Vaccine Hunters Canada (@VaxHuntersCan) shares information about vaccination appointment slots across the country. The team also posts the information on Discord.

Each tweet includes information about locations and eligibility. The account also posts last-minute changes and availabilities, such as pop-up locations.

Vaccine Hunters Canada has nearly 82,000 followers at the time of writing and has been met with gratitude from those who have found appointments through its updates.

The rollout of vaccines in Canada has been challenging for some people due to several different portals and various eligibility criteria. Vaccine Hunters Canada takes away this confusion and provides quick and easy access to appointments to those who are eligible.

If you’re looking to book a vaccination appointment for yourself or a loved one, be sure to follow the account to make the process easier.

Source: @VaxHuntersCan