OnePlus 9 Pro might use more efficient display tech

The Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Apple Watch also uses an LTPO screen

As we get closer to March and the anticipated release of new OnePlus smartphones, it appears that at least some of the upcoming devices will utilize LTPO display tech.

LTPO displays have been featured in the Apple Watch for years, and recently, Samsung started using the tech in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. LTPO stands for ‘low-temperature polycrystalline oxide,’ and while it functions just as well as a regular OLED display in practice, it can also be as much as 15 percent more energy efficient.

LTPO does this by dynamically changing the display refresh rate. This means when you’re not using the phone or looking at something static, the device throttles down to 10Hz, resulting in the display refreshing less.

The leak comes from Max Jambor, a leaker known for revealing a lot of information related to the OnePlus Watch. Jambor also that the OnePlus 9 Pro will feature the highest-quality display, possibly indicating that it’s the only 2021 OnePlus device that will feature an LTPO screen.

There are also rumours circulating that Samsung Display is developing LTPO display technology for the next iPhone.

While the OnePlus 8T features already features great battery life, it will be exciting to see how much further the company pushes it with LTPO display tech.

Source: Max Jambor (@MaxJmb)