Instagram will no longer promote TikToks reposted as Reels

A large portion of Reels are essentially just reposted TikToks

Facebook-owned Instagram says it will no longer promote or recommend Reels that have a TikTok watermark on them.

The social media giant essentially wants people to stop posting TikToks as Reels. One quick look through the Reels section on Instagram shows that a large number of them are just reposted TikToks.

Instagram wants users to create their own Reels using music from its library or other sounds on Reels. The company is also suggesting that users can start trends or create other entertaining content.

Further, the app will no longer promote or recommend Reels that have a watermark or logo in general. Instagram also won’t promote Reels that have a lot of text on them or are blurry.

“We’re building on what we’ve learned from Explore to recommend fun and entertaining videos in places like the Reels tab, and personalize the experience,” an Instagram spokesperson told The Verge.

“We are getting better at using ranking signals that help us predict whether people will find a reel entertaining and whether we should recommend it.”

These changes come six months after Reels launched and it seems that Instagram is no longer content with people bringing TikToks to its platform. Currently, Reels isn’t exactly its own destination since so much of it is just recycled content. It looks like Instagram is ready to change that.

Source: The Verge