Xiaomi shares teaser of wireless charging tech that works through the air

Imagine not having chargers plugged into all your outlets anymore

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi announced a new form of wireless charging that can work over long distances.

This means that if you have one of these wireless chargers in your house, it could theoretically charge your phone while it’s in your pocket. The company says that this charging hub device can power up more than one device at a time.

Don’t get your hopes up about this coming to every phone soon, though. In a blog post, the company showed off a better look at the transmitter, and it looks about as large as a living room end table. It also only provides a charging speed of 5-watts, so it’s not the fastest solution. That said, if it’s constantly charging your phone as you live your life in your home, then it should keep you at a full charge most of the time anyway.

This new form of charging also doesn’t use Qi-wireless and instead has a custom solution that requires a millimetre-wave antenna array that can convert waves into power.

According to the company, this device can work on multiple devices that are up to several metres away from it, and objects standing between the charger and the device its powering shouldn’t obstruct its signal.

The idea still appears to be in concept as Xiaomi has no release date planned, but it’s still cool to see something like this actually being achieved. Perhaps in a few years, the charging hub will be even smaller and not proprietary, so it will work with all kinds of devices.

Source: Xiaomi