Pokémon Go players in Toronto/Vancouver can get Gucci x North Face gear

Hypebeats rejoice

If you live in either Toronto or Vancouver and you love Pokémon Go, Gucci and North Face, then this story is going to blow your mind.

Basically, the three brands are teaming up to promote the new Gucci x North Face collab by allowing players to get some of the items in Pokémon Go.

Unlike regular clothing items in Pokémon Go, the collab can’t be bought. The only way for players to get it is to visit Gucci popup stores in either Toronto or Vancouver. These stores will have a corresponding PokéStop in-game that players can spin to get the cool avatar clothing.

This is actually a pretty surprising in-game event and shows how popular games like Pokémon Go are, since they can draw in big-name advertisers like North Face and Gucci.

The in-game event begins on January 4th, 2021. To find a full list of cities around the globe with this promo going on, check out Niantic’s Blog post.

If you want to buy the same clothes in real life, you can find more information regarding the clothing drop on Gucci’s site.

Source: Niantic