Google video shows how to fold your own origami Android logo

If you’re a fan of origami and Android, Google just dropped a ‘fold-along’ video that teaches you how to make a paper Android logo.

The over 11-minute tutorial takes you through the steps of folding an Android mascot. The end result looks pretty close to the current Android logo. It’s worth noting the steps are pretty intricate, so if you’re new to origami, you may want to start with a slightly easier fold.

If video isn’t your thing, there is also a PDF showcasing all 30 steps to fold your own Android mascot. The PDF features a legend describing the different types of folds used in this craft.

If you’re looking for a short craft to waste some time while locked down in 2021, this could be a great option for you.

You can grab the PDF instructions here, or check out the video here.

Source: 9to5Google