Tesla closing in on Tidal support, Apple and Amazon Music to follow

It doesn't seem like Apple Music or Amazon's service are close to being released

Recently discovered code by a Tesla driver suggests that Tidal will arrive on the company’s EVs soon, followed by Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Elon Musk announced Tidal support back in September when he showed off upcoming Tesla battery technology. That said, Musk didn’t mention when the feature would release. Given the code was recently uncovered, this could mean that a launch is coming soon.

This leaked code comes courtesy of Twitter user ‘@greentheonly,’ which was then first reported by Tesla North. @greentheonly says that the Tidal section is starting to populate, suggesting it will release soon.

Both Apple Music and Amazon Music are both just placeholder stubs, so there’s no telling when the music streaming platforms will actually be available through Tesla’s vehicles.

Source: @Greentheonly Via Tesla North