WaterField Designs launches AirPods Max case with more durable design

This is the case Apple's AirPods Max should have shipped with

The AirPods Max ‘Smart Case’ is one of the most disappointing and strangest products Apple has ever released.

It’s thin, flimsy and doesn’t provide much protection to the pricey $779 headphones. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to ensure the AirPods Max battery lasts anywhere near 20 hours, you’ll need to use the case to turn the headphones off immediately after you’re done using them.

Thankfully, as many predicted, third-party manufacturers are already working to fill the AirPods Max case void. WaterField Designs has announced a new AirPods Max ‘Shield Case’ case that looks similar to what Beats headphones and pretty much any mid-range to high-end headphones come with. It features a compact, professional-looking design that actually covers the AirPods Max entirely, unlike the Apple’s official Smart Case.

The case features a dual zipper so you can charge the AirPods Max while it’s closed, and a plush-lined interior designed to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Further, the case is even capable of putting the headphones into low-power mode thanks to a magnetic leather butterfly inside it, just like the AirPods Max’s official case. Other features include a stretch mesh pocket capable of fitting a 5w to 20w Apple power adaptor, or 3.5mm-to-Lightning headphone cord.

WakeField Design’s AirPods Pro case is currently available to pre-order for $99 USD (about $127 CAD) and doesn’t start shipping until February 12th.

Via 9to5Mac