Grindr reveals 2020’s top tops and bottoms per country

At the end of the year, companies like YouTube, Spotify and Pornhub offer a look back at their top videos, songs, artists, actors and more — and gay dating app Grindr is no different.

This year, Grindr takes a look back at the sex and dating trends among 13 million gay, bi, trans and queer people who use its app each month.

Grindr posts its year-end review with a caveat that notes the data only represents a subsection of users as not everyone who uses Gindr includes information on their profiles, and that the platform doesn’t represent the global queer community.

It’s also worth noting Canada doesn’t seem to be a top anything on this list.

Here’s a look back at Grindr’s 2020:

Highest percentge of tops

  • Morocco
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • Chile
  • Israel

Highest percentage of bottoms

  • Vietnam
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Peru
  • South Africa

Highest percentage of vers

  • Venezuela
  • Guatemala
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Australia

Most users by country

  • U.S.A
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • India
  • U.K.

Highest percentage of hosts

  • Kuwait
  • Portugal
  • Thailand
  • U.S.A

Most active cities per capita

  • Washington D.C.
  • Paris
  • Bogota
  • Santiago
  • Houston

Top Grindr profile songs

  • Rain on Me: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande
  • WAP: Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion
  • Don’t Start Now: Dua Lipa
  • Blinding Lights: The Weeknd (Canadian artist)
  • 7 Rings: Ariana Grande

Other stats include:

  • 7.85 billion taps sent this year
  • 584 million favourites added
  • Sunday is the most active time worldwide
  • 855 million photos sent a month

Also, if you don’t know any of the terms above, check out Urban Dictionary.

Source: Grindr Blog