Google purchased Neverware, which builds software that turns PCs into Chromebooks

Neverware says it will become part of the Chrome OS team

New York-based software Neverware announced in a ‘FAQ’ page on its website that it is now a part of Google.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Neverware makes an app called ‘CloudReady’ that helps convert computers into Chromebooks. There’s a free version of CloudReady for personal use, as well as paid tiers for enterprise and education customers.

CloudReady is a pretty great idea and an easy way for people with ageing PC systems — such as old Windows laptops that don’t run well anymore — to extend the life of their computers. ChromeOS is a much lighter operating system to run than Windows, making it easier on old systems.

Sure, there are plenty of other options beyond converting to ChromeOS — some people install lightweight Linux distros on old PCs to revitalize them — but CloudReady could be a more accessible option for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

Neverware’s FAQ page notes that not much will change for current CloudReady customers, at least for now. Its website, forums, customer support and admin portal should continue to function as normal, but eventually, these services should migrate over to Google’s platform.

Further, the FAQ notes that Neverware will become part of the Chrome OS team. It’s possible some CloudReady tech could make its way into Chrome OS — About Chromebooks suggests it could help Google push updates to older Chromebooks. However, Google hasn’t said anything official about changes like this.

Source: Neverware Via: The Verge