Netflix rolling out audio-only mode for its Android app

The could be great for audio-focused content like documentaries or standup comedy

Netflix may be attempting to take on podcasts, as the streaming giant is launching an audio-only option to its Android app.

Android Policereports that the new option is appearing as a server-side option for some users around the world who are now seeing a ’Video Off’ button. Once you click on this button, you’ll be left with audio-only playback as the screen goes black.

Users are also able to toggle the feature by going into the app settings and selecting the ‘Audio Only’ option. After you click on the button, you can choose between ‘Always On,’ ‘Headphones or External Speakers’ and ‘Off.’

This new feature could be great if you want to cut down on your data usage and are viewing something audio-focused like a documentary or standup comedy. However, this wouldn’t be a great option if you’re watching something super visual.

It’s worth noting that Netflix already has its own podcasts that are available on audio-only services like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It’ll be interesting to see if the streaming service will try to make them available on its app too.

The new audio-only feature is starting to roll out to the Netflix Android app now, but it appears to be a slow rollout so it may take a while before it reaches you.

Source: Android Police