Rogers to expand internet network to New Lowell and Horseshoe Valley in Ontario

The New Lowell expansion will bring Rogers' 'next generation' broadband to 422 homes and businesses

Rogers announced plans to extend its internet network to more communities in Simcoe County, Ontario.

First, Rogers says it was awarded a partnership with the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) and the Canadian and Ontario governments. The partnership will see Rogers bring its “next-generation broadband” service to underserved homes and businesses in Simcoe County.

That includes a $1.8 million investment to bring a 15km network expansion to New Lowell in Simcoe County to serve 422 homes and businesses. Rogers says it expects construction to begin in January 2021 and last until March 2022.

This is the fourth project awarded to Rogers through SWIFT, with previous network expansion projects bringing high-speed internet to Dufferin, Norfolk and Oxford Counties in Ontario. Further, in 2020, Rogers and SWIFT committed to a joint investment of $11.7 million to extend the Rogers network by 121.7km.

Additionally, Rogers announced a $10 million investment to expands its existing fibre optic network to more homes and businesses in Horseshoe Valley in Simcoe County. The 57.5km expansion will bring service to more than 2,900 homes and businesses, which includes new home developments and subdivisions. The Rogers fibre network will provide more access to high-speed internet and Ignite Internet and TV services.

Rogers says construction is already underway and it expects to finish by the end of 2021.

Source: Rogers, (2)