Netflix testing new ‘Kids Activity Report’ tool and family profile setting

The new features are rolling out to a select number of users as part of a global test

Netflix is testing a new ‘Kids Activity Report’ feature for parents to monitor what their children are watching.

The new tool includes data about what type of content your children are viewing and who their favourite character may be. It also includes recommendations for new shows that they may enjoy based on their current interests.

The Verge reports that emails have been sent out to some users who have kids accounts enabled to let parents know that they can opt into the report. The report includes a “joke of the day” along with colouring pages based on Netflix shows.

Further, the report includes a list of questions that parents can ask their children based on their favourite Netflix shows and characters.

It seems that one of the objectives of the report is to let parents better connect with their children about the content they’re watching without actually having to view it themselves.

“Most parents have a pulse on what their kids like, based on their Halloween costumes or toys they ask for at Christmas, but we don’t always know what those shows are about,” Michelle Parsons, the head of Netflix’s product innovation team, told The Verge. “What is the show, in essence, talking about?”

Along with this new tool, Netflix is also testing a new family profile setting. These profiles will pull in content that people can select as family-friendly in order for it to appear in one profile. The family profiles will only recommend movies up to a PG-13 rating and TV shows up to a TV-14 rating.

The family profiles and kids activity report are rolling out starting today to a select number of users as part of a global test.

Source: The Verge