Twitter will start warning users who try to ‘like’ misleading or false tweets

The warning will come to iOS and the web this week, with Android to follow

Twitter will expand its effort to combat misinformation on the platform by showing warnings to users who try to like tweets labelled for false or misleading information.

The social media company announced the change via its Twitter Support account. The new warnings on liked tweets join Twitter’s ongoing efforts, which include putting labels on tweets with false or misleading information as well as showing warnings to users who try to retweet those tweets.

Further, Twitter claimed in its tweet that the labels and warning prompts helped reduce Quote Tweets of misleading information by 29 percent. As such, the company is adding a similar warning to when users like a labelled tweet.

The warnings work similarly to the existing warnings for retweeting misleading content. When a user taps the like button on a tweet, Twitter displays an alert explaining why that tweet was considered misleading. Twitter told The Verge that it would roll out the new feature globally on iOS and the web this week, and it will come to Android in the coming weeks.

Source: Twitter Via: 9to5Mac, The Verge