Google rolls out iOS home widget for Gmail

The widget doesn't display any sensitive information

Gmail icon on Android

Google has launched a new iOS home screen widget for Gmail with its latest update for the app.

“Now, you can easily stay on top of your emails by adding the Gmail widget to your home screen,” the search giant notes.

The widget displays a ‘search in mail’ bar that opens to the appropriate field when you click on it. The right side of the widget shows your profile picture, while the Gmail logo is displayed on the left right.

Under this bar is a ‘compose’ shortcut that will slide up the keyboard when you click on it. Next to this shortcut is a section that displays how many unread emails you have.

It’s worth noting that the widget only provides shortcuts for these tasks, and doesn’t actually display any sensitive information.

To get the Gmail widget, you simply have to press and hold your home screen to enter jiggle mode. From there you have to tap the ‘+’ button and click on the Gmail app to add the widget, and you can then use your finger to drag the widget to where you want to put it.

Via: 9to5Google