OnePlus 8/8 Pro Android 11 update halted over wiped phones

If you're on the open beta, read this before updating

OnePlus has halted the rollout of its latest OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro OxygenOS 11 Open Beta update over concerns that the upgrade is wiping users’ devices.

Reports started coming out on November 8th that some OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro units in the Open Beta channel were being sent stable builds of OxygenOS 11, which in turn wipe user’s phones on installation. OnePlus usually runs three software channels — a Closed Beta, an Open Beta and a Stable channel. Moving between the Open Beta and Stable channels is easy enough, but it wipes a user’s phone in the process for some reason.

Some users in the Open Beta program are still receiving the correct software builds. Therefore, if you’ve downloaded the update and it says Open Beta, you’re likely safe to install it.

Since this odd rollout happened, the company has halted the beta update and is working on a fix. OnePlus is also recommending that people make sure to back their phones up to the cloud or to some other external source.

If you’re in the small camp of people that have downloaded the update but haven’t installed it yet, you can try and install this apk file from OnePlus to recover your lost files.

While this may have been a bit of a botched update, it’s nice to see OnePlus continue to try and iron kinks in OxygenOS 11 on the OnePlus 8 series. Hopefully, the company can finish up on that soon and update the 7 series, the 6 series, and its newer Nord devices.

Source: OnePlus