Facebook to put groups on probation for violating its content rules

There won’t be an appeal process for groups on probation

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Facebook is planning to put groups that have too many posts that violate its content rules on some sort of probation.

The social media giant is planning to further crack down on misinformation by restricting both public and private groups that are violating its standards. There won’t be an appeal process for groups on probation, and moderators will have to approve any posts for 60 days.

Moderators will be given information about their group’s status and when the probationary period will end. If Facebook notes that moderators are continuing to post content that violates its rules during the probationary period, the social media giant may shut down the group altogether.

“We are temporarily requiring admins and moderators of some political and social groups in the U.S. to approve all posts, if their group has a number of Community Standards violations from members,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge.

Facebook notes that this is a measure it’s taking in order to protect users during this unprecedented time.

Facebook recently shut down a group called “Stop the Steal,” which had over 300,000 members. The group was posting U.S. election misinformation and falsely claimed Democrats were trying to steal the election.

Source: The Verge