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Dropbox now has 15 million paid users

Dropbox just posted its third-quarter financial results for 2020, revealing that the company earned a total of $487.4 million USD (roughly $634 million CAD).

The company also posted that it now has 15.25 million paid subscribers, and its investor relations website says that it has over 600 million users in total.

However, Dropbox isn’t nearly as large as platforms like Google Dive, which had 2 billion G Suite users back in March of this year.

That said, Dropbox is still growing and continues to acquire new companies. Last year it bought a small electronic signature startup called HelloSign for $230 million USD (roughly $299 million CAD). It also purchased Mailbox — my favourite email appback in 2013 and killed it two years later.

The cloud storage platform’s continued growth has likely been partly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many people to work remotely and collaborate online.

Dropbox’s ‘Standard’ paid storage tier costs $17.50 CAD.

Source: Dropbox Via: TechRadar