WhatsApp rolls out redesigned storage management tool

The tool makes it easier to free up space by deleting content you no longer need

WhatsApp iOS

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has rolled out redesigned storage management tool to help users identify and bulk delete files.

The new tool groups together large files and media that have been “forwarded many times” so that you can easily identify content that you don’t need or want anymore. From there, you can delete the files quickly all at once.

This new tool is a step up from the current ‘storage usage’ feature that simply shows your current chats by the amount of space they take up and then lets you delete the categories. Although this is useful, it doesn’t give you a way to browse the content that you’re deleting.

The feature is available in the settings menu under the ‘manage storage’ category. WhatsApp notes that the new feature is rolling out to users worldwide this week.

Source: WhatsApp