Google Pixel 5 teardown shows off wireless charging workaround and more

There isn't a lot to see under the hood of the Pixel 5

The latest Pixel 5 teardown video to hit the internet shows off how Google was able to get the aluminum-framed smartphone to work with Qi wireless charging and few other quirks.

Another new addition is a series of plastic clips on the screen’s interior to hold the display to the rest of the phone. 9to5Google notes that some Pixel 4 units experienced issues with the back panel coming off, so it appears that these clips are another measure to help hold the device together incase the adhesive wears away.

The only thing connected to the screen is a vibration motor that acts as the under-display earpiece speaker, but beyond that, almost everything else is attached to the phone’s main chassis.

Once the screen is removed, you can see the camera module, battery, and a few other hardware pieces. However, the coolest part is when the battery and charging coil are taken out to show off the wireless charging hole in the aluminum. This is unique since most phones with wireless charging have glass backplates. Since Qi chargers can’t transfer power through metal, The Pixel 5 has a unique design that’s coated in a ‘Bio-resign’ material with a hole in the aluminum for wireless charging.

The hole is smaller than I’d imagined, but to my eyes, it looks a little bit tinier than the ring design Apple is using on its MagSafe cases and chargers.

If you want to see more about the phone, you can watch the full teardown below.

Image source: PBK Reviews 

Source: PBK Reviews