Facebook starts publicly testing dark mode on iOS

A select number of users can now test the feature

Facebook has started to publicly test dark mode support on iOS, five months after confirming its plans to roll out the display mode.

The social media giant has confirmed that a select percentage of users now have access to the feature as part of its public tests. Facebook confirmed the news in a collaboration with reverse app engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

To see if dark mode is available on your account, you have to ensure that you have the latest version of Facebook downloaded from the App Store. Then you have to go into your settings and look for a new ‘dark mode’ option.

If you see the option, that means you’re part of the public test and you’ll see the option to turn dark mode on or off. There’s also a “system” option that will adhere to the dark mode schedule you have set on your iPhone.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will see the dark mode option just yet. However, now that Facebook has begun publicly testing the feature, it’s possible that a full rollout won’t be that far away.

Source: @wongmjane