Brand new Tesla Model Y loses roof on U.S. highway

The automaker's crossover isn't gaining a good reputation

Imagine driving down the highway in your brand new Tesla with your family when the roof flies off, leaving you in a Tesla convertible.

That’s exactly what happened to a family in California, according to an article by The VergeThe publication reports that Nathaniel Galicia Chien and his parents drove their new Tesla Model Y off the lot and then hours later on the interstate, the roof flew off the car in the span of half a minute.

Chien said that the car had minor panel gap spacing inconsistencies and some other aesthetic problems that are somewhat common on large vehicles and the Model Y in particular.


When the family returned the car, the dealership concluded that it was either a faulty seal or not sealed properly. The company offered to fix the Model Y for free, but the family decided to move to a new automaker, reports The Verge. 

This new story definitely doesn’t bode well for the company’s already turbulent reputation, but at least this type of issue doesn’t happen often and only may seem amplified since it involves a Tesla.

That said, the story also mentions that no injuries in the flying roof incident, and that Tesla and the Model Y are receiving negative press and consumer feedback related to manufacturing defects like loose seatbelts, trim and paint problems, dented seats and more.

Hopefully, Tesla can pull it together after this and fix all of the issues its having with the Model Y assembly line.

Source: The Verge