4K YouTube content is now available on the Apple TV

60fps HDR 4K content is still not supported

Apple TV remote

For years, Apple’s 4K Apple TV hasn’t been able to play YouTube content in 4K, while cheaper streaming devices easily push high-resolution YouTube videos.

Now that tvOS 14 is available, Apple’s set-top box can play 4K video that is, unfortunately, locked at 30fps. 60fps videos and content that includes high dynamic-range (HDR) still isn’t compatible with the Apple TV, according to The Verge.

Google also told The Verge that it’s working to bring 4K support to iPhone and the iPad “soon,” possibly indicating that the functionality will arrive at some point in the next few weeks alongside the release of the iPhone 12 series.

Apple hasn’t updated the Apple TV in over three years, so similar to the situation with the iPhone and iPad, there’s a possibility 60fps HDR 4K support will come alongside the release of a new set-top box.

Rumours have been swirling for months that Apple plans to release a new Apple TV. With the tech giant’s next fall hardware event reportedly set for October 13th, likely, we won’t have to wait long to know for sure.

Source: The Verge