New YouTube Music update may bring scenario focused design

This gives users even more custom playlists

A new update appears to be rolling out to some YouTube Music listeners that has a new focus on scenarios like working out, focusing, relaxing and commuting.

The update has a selection of tabs along the top of the screen that will rearrange the home page to reflect a scenario. That means if you tap on the new ‘Workout’ option the screen will arrange itself to display songs and playlists for working out.

This is a pretty cool feature that gives listeners more custom listening options to choose from. The fact that YouTube Music is going to match these to moods and actions is pretty cool, too. The only caveat is that it it might not recommend the right types of music for people if these are the only four options. For instance, none of these scenarios sound overly useful to my listening habits, so hopefully, when it rolls out to everyone it offers more options.

In the comments of the post showing off the new design on Reddit, another user said they had a similar design before with the added option of choosing music based on your location.

Each of these new home screen scenarios also comes with a new selection of custom playlists with titles like ‘Workout Mix,’ ‘Chill Mix’ and more.

Source: Reddit (interro-bang) Via: 9to5Google