VMedia’s IPTV service now works on FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV and more

These apps are built on the same architecture as the company's recent RiverTV platform

If you’re a VMedia TV subscriber or were thinking of adding the service to your existing VMedia internet plan, you can now access it on almost all smart TV platforms.

The platform was previously available on Roku’s platform and VMedia’s Android TV VBox. Now, users can stream their TV on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iOS and Android TV devices. Notably, Android, Windows 10 and macOS apps are still missing.

It’s important to note that VMedia TV is an IPTV service. This means you can only use it if you also subscribe to one of the company’s internet plans. This is different from VMedia’s RiverTV streaming platform, which acts more like a Netflix competitor.

It still seems like VMedia is keeping the service’s PVR function locked to its own set-top box, however, users can pause live tv on any platform or rewind to the beginning of a show that’s already started.

There’s another function called ‘Look Back TV’ that allows users to watch anything that’s aired over the past seven days. This seems super useful if you miss a sports game or a crucial show. It’s definitely a feature I wish I had whenever I used to have a regular TV subscription.

This TV service starts at $24.95 CAD for the basic package, but as I mentioned above, you also need to subscribe to the company’s internet as well. VMedia’s internet options begin at $29.95.