Google announces ‘.new’ shortcuts from Adobe, WordPress, Anchor and more

The company also hosts a collection of 'notable' shortcuts at 'whats.new'

Google launched its handy ‘.new’ weblinks for quickly doing things online back in 2018, and now even more companies have gotten on board.

Spotify, Bitly and Medium, among others, previously launched .new shortcuts. Adobe is the latest to join with a ‘collaboration‘ that adds several new ways to work with PDF documents online:

  • PDF.new – creates a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from any Microsoft Office or image file
  • Sign.new – creates a PDF form users can fill, sign, save and send
  • JPGtoPDF.new – converts a JPG file to a PDF
  • CompressPDF.new – reduces the file size of a PDF file

Along with the ‘.new’ Adobe shortcuts, Google announced a few other additions. Spotify returns with a few shortcuts for its Anchor podcast app. Users can now type ‘podcast.new‘ into the URL bar to start recording a new episode.

WordPress introduced ‘blog.new‘ and ‘post.new‘ for creating new blogs and blog posts.

Google added one of its own as well with ‘meet.new‘ for launching Google Meet video conferences.

The search giant says that there are now over 200 .new domains spanning productivity, business services and more. Those interested in learning about these shortcuts should head to ‘whats.new‘ to see a collection of notable shortcuts Google put together.

Source: Adobe, Google Via: 9to5Google