YouTube Music testing ‘Recent activity’ section to show library additions

The feature is similar to one that was part of Play Music

Google is testing a ‘Recent activity’ section in YouTube Music that displays users’ library additions.

There have been a slew of changes to YouTube Music following the Play Music migration, and this test seems to be borrowing a feature from it.

The top of the ‘Library’ tab includes an album art carousel that displays what you ‘Last played.’ 9to5Google notes that YouTube Music is now testing a broader section to include albums and playlists that users have saved to their library.

A user who has access to the feature posted a video of the section on Twitter. It shows that additions automatically appear in the section once you refresh.

This section is similar to the “Recents’ page in Google Play Music. It’s pretty useful because it provides an accessible history of the music you’ve saved.

Since this is simply a test, it’s unknown if Google plans on releasing access to this section for more users. But, you can still always sort playlists, albums and songs through the ‘Recently added’ section.

Source: 9to5Google