Bell offering $65/20GB win-back offer to some previous customers

Although the promo is only available for prior customers, Bell is also offering a $75/20GB promotion

Bell Mobility is offering select customers a $65/20GB win-back offer.

Both myself and some MobileSyrup readers received emails from Bell about the offer. It appears to be a cheaper version of the company’s $75/20GB promotional plan, which it has offered on and off for most of 2020.

According to the email, those who sign up for the $65/20GB plan will receive 20GB of non-shareable data at high-speed followed by unlimited use beyond that allotment. The unlimited use is throttled up to a maximum speed of 512Kbps. That means there are no data overage charges with the plan.

Further, the promotional plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting. Finally, the email notes that customers can save an additional $10 per month for each family member they add on eligible plans.

The $65/20GB promo will work as either a bring your own phone (BYOP) offer or with Bell’s device financing program.

While this promotion is only available for customers who were previously with Bell, the carrier is also currently offering its $75/20GB promo plan.

Typically, customers would get 10GB of high-speed data followed by throttled unlimited use for $75 per month. However, with the $75/20GB offer, Bell customers effectively double their data for the same price. As with the other plan, it includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and text, picture and video messaging.

There’s also an $85/20GB plan with shareable data instead, however, this version includes data overages if you go past the 20GB allotment. Finally, Bell also has a deal on its ‘Connect Everything 20’ Canada-U.S. plan, which includes 20GB of shareable data with overages, unlimited Canada and U.S. calling and unlimited Canada-wide text, video and picture messages for $105 per month. That option saves you $20 per month.

You can see all of Bell’s current promotions on their website. Further, if you were previously a Bell Mobility customer, check your inbox for the $65/20GB promotion.