Freedom Mobile is reportedly offering COVID-19 relief discount if you reach out [Update]

Freedom Mobile is offering some customers a COVID-19 relief discount.

According to RedFlagDeals, if you reach out to the telecom through either live chat or via telephone and ask for the offer, you’ll be provided with a relief discount.

The discounts seem to vary, however. The user who posted in the thread on RedFlagDeals said they received $20 CAD off three of their lines for six months, which is a pretty good deal.

Other users said they received $5 off for the next several months. Some users said the discounts were for three months, while others stated that they were offered six months. Additionally, another RFD user said they were offered either 25 percent off for four months or $5 off for six months.

Either way, if you’re with Freedom Mobile and need a discount on your bill due to COVID-19, reach out to Freedom.

A spokesperson from Freedom Mobile has provided us with a statement:

“We understand that circumstances around the pandemic may lead to unexpected financial challenges for customers or changes to their data needs.

If any of our customers have questions regarding their Freedom Mobile service, we are committed to working with them to find the plan and add-ons that best suit their financial and connectivity needs.

We also work with customers everyday who may want enhancements or changes to the features of their service, including their data plans.”

Update:o5/29/20: A spokesperson from Freedom Mobile has provided MobileSyrup with a statement that we’ve included above.