Giphy temporarily disabled from Zoom’s Chat features

This comes days after Facebook's acquisition of the GIF platform

Zoom icon on iOS

Zoom has temporarily removed access to GIF platform Giphy in its chat features.

“Once additional technical and security measures have been deployed. We will re-enable the feature,” Zoom said in a blog post.

The video conferencing company didn’t go into specifics regarding why it made this decision.

Zoom revealed more changes in the blog post, including security updates, screen sharing limits and more.

Facebook recently bought the GIF-sharing platform for $400 million USD (approximately $559.4 million CAD) and already has plans in place to integrate it with Instagram.

It’s unclear if current integrations with competing platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and iMessage will be impacted.

Zoom has suffered several security issues as usage of the video chat platform skyrockets amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Zoom Via: The Verge